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Hikes & Maps


A number of hiking adventures await you.  There are six huts maintained by the Department of Conservation on the far side of Lake Rotoroa.  The two huts on the lake’s edge have two way radios linked back to our office and the water taxi.  This allows you to change arrangements, if required.  All huts have beds, a fireplace and external toilets.  To use the huts purchase tickets from Department of Conservation offices before you arrive.

The hiking trips can vary from an afternoon to several days.  The most popular trip, to the magnificent Blue Lake, is nine hours in and nine hours out.  We recommend that you break up the length of the trip by overnighting in the huts and spending at least two nights at Blue Lake, to rest, explore and enjoy.

All tracks are well designated and marked with orange triangles.  All wilderness treks requires trekkers to be prepared for changes in weather and circumstances.  We can advise you further when you call or email us.

Walks toward Blue Lake:

  • Sabine jetty to West Sabine hut is 6 hours.  We recommend that you overnight.
  • Sabine jetty to West Sabine to Blue Lake is 9 hours.  We recommend that you overnight at each hut.
  • Blue Lake over Moss Pass to D’Urville Valley (George Lyon hut) is 6 hours and stay overnight.
  • George Lyon hut to Morgan hut is 4 hours.
  • Morgan hut to D’Urville jetty is 4 hours.

The list above can be walked as a circuit, and can be walked in either direction

  • Blue Lake over Waiau Pass to St James walkway is 8 hours – this is an optional excursion.  (You should be an experienced trekker to do this walk).

Additional Routes:

  • Sabine jetty to Speargrass hut and on to St Arnaud
  • Sabine jetty to Mt Cedric, Angelus and the Robert ridge
  • Landcare jetty to Mt Misery hut is 4 hours one way.  (Note this trek is steep, but the views make up for the effort).
  • D’Urville jetty to Mole Tops, Mt Ella and upper Matakitaki valley.
  • D’Urville jetty to Tiraumea and Tutaki Valley
  • The Lakehead track links the Sabine Jetty and D’Urville jetty (passing the Landcare jetty).  Care needs to be taken crossing the river(s).

Easy-to-reach huts:

  • Sabine and D’Urville DOC Huts are very close to their jetties, Both these huts are suitable for an easy overnight stay, with easy day walks.


  • Some older maps a have path alongside Lake Rotoroa.  This was closed after storm damage a number of years ago, and is NOT passable.
  • Additional planning can be done using the NZtopo mapping facility.  This is linked below: